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Low-latency Windows/Linux OS
Dedicated IP address is available
T&Cs Apply
With Vultr, you can create virtual desktops, with or without GPU acceleration, using our Cloud GPU and Cloud Compute products, respectively. accessible from anywhere, at any time. New users only.
Full Admin Access RDP Server
30-day money-back guarantee
T&Cs Apply
New users only. Getting full administrator access simple translates more power to you. No need to pay extra. Just pay for the resources you actually need in real-time. You can customize your VPS resources need according to CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer.
Get Your Server Up In 30 Seconds
Multiple Server Locations
T&Cs Apply
Build your own Windows based RDP server and take advantage of all Microsoft products for your online project. Fully customizable environment and rock-solid security. Fast, secure, and reliable rdp hosting. Manage your own SSD cloud VPS server from ScalaHosting with ease. Powerful hardware and high connectivity network for every type of business.
Instant OS Setup
and unlimited bandwidth
T&Cs Apply
New users only. Buy Unbeatable RDP server Hosting performance, a customizable RDP VPS server with no downtime at an affordable price, UltaHost is always committed to offering the cheapest RDP services in 10+ server locations.

30 Days Free Trial
Insatnt Setup

T&Cs Apply

New users only. Pay a flat monthly fee or per usage. Cancel at any time if you’re not 100% satisfied. Unlimited Scale Up and Scale Out – Customize your server anytime to suit your specific needs. Run any Windows & Linux operating system edition (100+ OS images). 99.95% up-time guaranteed.

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